IMPORTANT!!!. All persons wishing to obtain a firearms licence in NSW must have a genuine reason for obtaining the licence. Download The Genuine Reason PDF first!.

Contact the Firearms Registry (FAR) on 1300 362 562. Tell them you wish to apply for a Firearms Licence, category A plus B, hunting and target shooting. They will ask you some personal questions and type your answers into an application form which they will then post to you. If you wish to take up pistol target shooting (Category H) you should contact your nearest pistol club before anything else.

On the day you do your safety test you will do a theory test and a practical test after studying a program on a computer. This will take about 2 hours. After the test you will have to fill out the rest of your application forms and we will send the completed documents to the FAR for you, along with proof of club membership.
Processing will take from 6 to 8 weeks after which you will receive a letter from the FAR asking you to go to the RTA and have your Photograph taken and be issued with your Firearms Licence at a cost of $200.00 for 5 years and $100.00 for a 2 year licence(Payable at the RTA).

To apply for a junior firearm training permit

All of the above applies with the following charges;
Safety test fee is $77.00 (Payable when you make the appointment).
Junior Permit is $75.00 (Payable with the application to the FAR).

Identification is required by a passport or birth certificate or Drivers Licence and a letter of approval from the parent or guardian is also required. ID proof is also required for the parent or guardian. No PTA is possible for a junior.