Shoot Dates 2015

We have received notice from SIPC that the range will not be available for our shoot on 31/5/15. They have suggested we can have the range on 24/5 or 7/6. I have informed them that we will take the 24th of May as 7/6 is the Sunday of the June long weekend.
SIPC have also informed us that there could be disruption to shooting days during the first quarter of the year due to range maintenance. We will be kept informed as and when changes need to be made.
In view of the above, I would suggest that, like 2014, we do not schedule a shoot in January (Australia Day long weekend and end of school holidays) and in December like we have always done. Other than that, the dates for our shoots for 2015 will be:-
22 February
29 March
26 April
24 May
28 June
26 July
30 August
27 September
25 October
29 November

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